Learn how to program your own interactive stories, games and animations.

What's Scratch?

Scratch Module 1

Project 1

Rock Band

Learn how to code your own musical instruments!

Project 2

Lost in Space

Learn how to program your own animation!

Project 3


Learn how to make a ghost-catching game!

Project 4


Learn how to program your own talking robot!

Project 5

Paint Box

Learn how to make your own paint program.

Project 6

Boat Race

Make a game, in which you'll navigate a boat to a desert island.

Scratch Module 2

Project 1


Create a memory game, where you have to memorise and repeat a sequence of random colours!

Project 2


Create a platform game, in which you have to dodge the moving balls and reach the end of the level.

Project 3

Brain Game

Learn how to create a quiz.

Project 4

Catch the Dots

Learn how to make a dot-catching game.

Project 5

Clone Wars

Create a game in which you have to save the Earth from space monsters.

Project 6

Create Your Own World

Learn how to create your own open world adventure game.

Additional Projects

Project 1

Green Your City

Control your toy helicopter to water flowers in a city.

Project 2

Synchronised Swimming

Celebrate the Olympics by programming a synchronised swimming routine.

Project 3


Shoot arrows as close to the bullseye as you can.

Project 4


Use the arrow keys to get to the finish line as quickly as you can.

Project 5

Beat the Goalie

How many goals can you score in 30 seconds?

Project 6

Ada's Poetry Generator

Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day, by learning how to program your own poetry generator!

Project 7


Learn how to make a balloon-popping game!

Project 8

Space Junk

Help the Scratch mascot avoid the space junk and return safely back to Earth!

Project 9

Flappy Parrot

Project 10

Snowball Fight

Make a game in which you have to throw snowballs at a target.

Community Contributed Projects

Project 1

Table Football

Learn how to make a world cup football game in Scratch!

Project 2


Toby the dog has to collect 5 cheese-puffs bowls to win, whilst preventing balls from falling on the floor.

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